ZD Weekly Writing Contest – Week 19

I recently began posting at ZeldaDungeon, a Zelda news and fansite. They have a weekly writing contest with a theme that the entire community shares, and submits 100-300 word pieces, which the community then votes upon. What follows is my first entry, based on the theme “Gerudo Valley”.

The desert is a place like no other.

In its torturous environs, each miniscule grain of sand becomes a rusted needle to the wary traveler, lost amidst an endless sea devoid of water. No gentle breezes offer comfort from the searing rays of the sun, as only chaos governs the wind. Chaos, whose vicious hands stir the sands into unrelenting storms, obscuring vision and sapping the resolve of any caught in its grasp.

In these shifting sands, no refuge, no asylum will be found. None dare enter this wasteland haunted by wayward spirits – none, save the Gerudo.

Steeled by the cruel desert that is their home, these master thieves share a mastery of the blade. Any that wander into their valley will find themselves struck down in a flurry of steel. The Gerudo guard long traditions of nobility, obscured to the other races by the harsh desert that is their home. The searing heat of the desert is not lost upon them, for the Gerudo are a passionate people. Be it a passion for the blade, the bow, or power – all Gerudo cultivate a flame within themselves.

Home is where the heart is, and the Gerudo hold the desert close to their hearts.


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