I Sense A Disturbance In The Force

I’m one of those weird people who keeps lists of my favorite things. But I’m even weirder in that I keep lists of my favorite things of various types, various time intervals, and other seemingly arbitrary criteria. But as weird as that is, I can safely say that my lists don’t often change. I established my top ten films some four years ago, when all the films currently on it had been released, and it had not budged a bit since it had been established.

Until today, that is.

I saw Moonrise Kingdom a few months ago, and Ryan and I named it one of the best films of the year so far in our mid-year review. And while at the time I was certain that it was my favorite film of the year so far and, in fact, my favorite film in quite a few years, I did not consider it one of my favorites of all time – yet.

But it was recently released on Blu-ray and I recently acquired a copy. And as those who knew me in January 2011 can attest, that can be a pretty big deal. I watched The Social Network 22 times in the span of two weeks when it was released on Blu-ray, and it quickly won its way into my heart – not into the top ten list, regrettably (but you came damn close Mr. Fincher), but very much into a special place. Well, I’ve had Moonrise Kingdom for a little over 48 hours, and I have already watched the 90-minute film seven times.

You heard right. Seven times.

And like every Wes Anderson film, it improves drastically upon rewatching. The man’s attention to detail is astounding, and it just makes the film much better that he actually drew out full maps for an island we see only a fraction of. And each time I watch it, the core story grows on me even more, and I just find myself melting for the two leads and the island filled with lovable characters trying to find them and ultimately help them. It’s a film with an incredibly modest ambition, but that allows it to capture your heart all the more effectively.

So, I feel safe in saying that Moonrise Kingdom has rapidly risen through the ranks in my favorite films listing, ultimately reaching a coveted spot.

Aye, you’re reading that right. Moonrise Kingdom is now tied for the top spot as my favorite film of all time. And seeing as The Prestige tends to send me into fits of wordless blabber in trying to express how much I love it, that’s a pretty awesome feat. Well done, Mr. Anderson. Well done.


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