New Digs

Hello friends and random blog readers from Japan and Germany (yes, seriously, I got traffic from there on the old Blogspot blog)! Welcome to the new digs of Cox in a Box.

I’ve been over at Blogspot for about a year and a half now, posting occasional film reviews and random musings on a bunch of pop culture related topics. That’s been cool, and I’ve gotten a number of views that I’m relatively satisfied with given that the readership is solely Facebook friends and people who somehow find my blog in the depths of Google search result pages (probably beyond page 10). But good god was that site an eyesore. For whatever reasons, images on the sidebar weren’t consistent. The background would sometimes just be the filmstrip header repeated ad infinitum. It wasn’t an appealing design by any stretch.

Blogger, regrettably, didn’t have any appealing designs. Which brings us here, to Here at I’ve got a bit more storage, a bit more freedom, a better blogging platform, and a much nicer design. What I DON’T have are all the categories for old posts set up. So things may be a bit finnicky for the old Blogger imported posts, but new posts will be great.

Change your bookmarks (because you totally bookmarked me right? right? oh okay), because I’m here to stay.

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One thought on “New Digs

  1. Michael C. says:

    I actually do have you bookmarked.

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