Announcing the Best Games of All Time

Hello readers!  It’s been a while since we’ve talked about games here on Cox in a Box, so I think it is high time we get some video game discussion rolling again.

I have strong opinions about gaming as an art form, opinions that are not particularly conventional. My lists of best games of a given year often vary rather wildly from the normal lists you’ll see from critics and most players. I’m not entirely sure why that is – I look at games and think about them the same way that I do all other forms of art, yet my gaming opinions tend to stray very far from the norm in most cases.

To this end, I am launching a new limited series of posts here on Cox in a Box. The series is The Best Games of All Time, a countdown of what I view are the ten best games ever made, and a brief rationale (not quite a full review’s worth, but enough to justify its placement on the list) as to why I think that. This list is designed to illustrate my admittedly unorthodox views on gaming, as well as provide a sort of baseline standard that future game discussions here on Cox in a Box will depend on.

We’ll do a game every night for the next ten days, counting down from #10 all the way to #1. Get hyped!


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