LetterboxdHello Constant Readers!

In keeping with the shift in philosophy, standard film reviews aren’t going to be around Cox in a Box in the future. But I still like to recommend films to people and some people are still interested in my general thoughts on movies (and I love you for that). So I figured I’d share my Letterboxd account here.

Letterboxd is a super cool site that lets me keep track of what films I’ve seen and rate them, sort them into lists… all sorts of neat things. It’s perfect for the kind of gut-reaction, “did I like this or did I hate this” thoughts that used to go into the film reviews. So if for whatever reason you guys are still interested in what movies I’m into, you can check out my Letterboxd account to see what I’ve been watching.

Over there right now is my list of the 15 best films of 2013 – a list that I’ve been keeping and updating since December – in lieu of the traditional collaboration with Ryan, a post that fell through the cracks of film school’s insane demands on our time (not that I’m complaining; I love it!).

Happy movie watching, you crazy people.


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