This is the personal blog of Brandon Cox. Brandon is a post-production specialist living in New York City, with a focus in digital cinema workflow.

Though his primary passion is for film, he’s an avid pop culture consumer of almost all types – television, video gaming, books, comic books, and to a significantly lesser extent, music. Here, he reviews things that he watches, reads, plays, or listens to – partially for himself, as having a blog in which he can display his writing for future employers is a good idea, but mostly for the few people out there who like to read his thoughts, and have told him on several occasions that they love to do so. This is for them, in an attempt to repay in even small amount the kindness of telling him that they like something he has written.

Brandon does not have a doctorate degree and is unlikely to ever attain such a high standard of education, but nonetheless would like to be addressed as Dr. Cox, because Scrubs was a great show.

He has written published articles for numerous sites across the web, most notably on Zelda Dungeon, where he is a dedicated article writer who tends to specialize in analyses of the aesthetics of the Legend of Zelda series of video games (you can view his published articles here), and on WoW Insider, where he provided a number of brief editorial pieces known colloquially as “Breakfast Topics” (his work available here). He also wrote a short story that he is tremendously proud of, available for free online. Give it a read and send him your thoughts – he’d be honored that you read it, even if you end up hating it.

He can be contacted at his email address, xicon.stanton@gmail.com.

He occasionally writes in the third person.


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