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Of Songs of Ice and Fire

I’m really, really enjoying A Clash of Kings.

Of course I’m drawing near the end now, which has me more than a tad worried. I’ve heard numerous fans say different things – while A Game of Thrones is almost universally praised, many fans said that they could barely trudge through A Clash of Kings. I went into it very warily, but found that I really, deeply enjoyed it – especially Tyrion’s exploits as Hand of the King. Beyond that, however, I have heard fans that enjoyed Thrones and Kings say that they could not bear to finish A Storm of Swords. Well, there were naysayers about Kings and I enjoyed it; perhaps it will still be great.
Assuming it is and I get through it – it being the longest novel in the series thus far – then I will reach the veritable pitfall: A Feast for Crows. It will probably be just as well written and exciting, however, due to Martin’s decision to split Crows into two novels that run parallel, with Crows covering half the characters and the recently released A Dance with Dragons covering the other half (with a small handful in both), I fear that the absence of my favorite characters in one or the other will cause some serious issues with my enjoyment of the series.
But all pessimism aside, I am deeply enjoying A Song of Ice and Fire… now if only I could finish the TV series (I missed the second and third episodes due to various reasons, and had no way to catch up, so I have only seen the admittedly awesome first episode).