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The Only Eulogy I Need


I’m not good at endings.

In my defense: endings are hard. When you’re writing a story in any medium, your ending needs to say everything that you want to say in the most concise way possible; which, given that you’ve spent 90-plus minutes / 300-plus pages / five-plus hours of gameplay saying what you want to say in a decidedly not-concise way, is going to be very difficult for you to do. How do you drill down the core of your story and lay out its thesis statement in an emotionally resolving way?

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Batman, Grant Morrison, and Inertia


Today, July 31st, 2013, was a big day for me.

As any of you who have even cursorily perused this blog have likely surmised, I am a massive fan of Batman. The character and iconography both hold very deep resonance for me, for reasons I’m not entirely sure I can begin to fully explain. It’s long been a part of my life, and one I have never regretted sinking time and money into. And today, the longest single Batman arc that I’ve experienced, the one that has contained my single favorite character and a large multiple of other favorites, came to its conclusion. As I held Batman, Incorporated #13 in my hands, preparing to read Grant Morrison’s final issue as the scribe of the Dark Knight, there was no sadness, no feel of the end of an era as there was when I read Geoff Johns’ final issue of Green Lantern. Instead, there was only the desire to see this story through to its end, to see Grant’s final impression on this 74-year-old character, and to see who next will leave their mark.

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Let’s Talk About Criticism


My thoughts have been in a curious place lately. I’ve had a number of heated discussions with various internet denizens of late, all of them centered around my thoughts about the nature of art and my critical method. My stance on both of these things differs quite wildly from the norm, and it causes some clash with people who have equally entrenched but opposing views. So I’ve lately been reevaluating my critical method, and though I believe I have come to the same conclusion that I did the first time, the journey of thinking it through has been quite enlightening. Today, I want to share with you my new thoughts, entreat your opinion and criticisms of my stated method, and then talk about my method going forward.

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On the Passing of a Legend

I’m an art critic. It’s what I do. I’ve sold critiques and analyses of various art forms to various outlets, and I’ve written them on a volunteer basis for others, because it’s a passion of mine. Books, games, movies, music – anything that I have strong opinions about, I am comfortable writing about, and will write about them for the simple joy of writing. While it’s always nice to be paid for it or to get recognition for it, the bottom line is I do these things because that is who I am. That is an indelible part of my identity: I think critically about the art that I consume on a daily basis and feel the need to write about it and share those thoughts with whoever will listen.

This part of me, this inherent drive to think and share that so dominates my thoughts and my time, is because of Roger Ebert.

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